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30 October 2017

CV Tips Which Really Work

Writing a CV always takes care. This is the case whether you are starting from scratch or updating your details. This video explains some of the key elements you need to include.

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16 October 2017

Graduate CV template

Graduate CV template: what to include in your first résumé. Just leaving university? here is some helpful insight from the Guardian

Most graduates get their first CVs wrong. From formatting to length, here’s how to write the perfect résumé for job success after university Click To Read More

Further Information:

The Guardian

3 October 2017

The worst mistake you can make when writing a CV

Some more helpful CV Writing tips from the Independent.

The standard of CVs is 'pretty appalling generally', according to careers expert, Jim Bright. Click To Read More

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The Independent

28 February 2017

Looking beyond job sites and picking up the phone

Here is a useful article regarding job hunting in 2017.

Looking beyond job sites and picking up the phone are some of the ways you can compete in a tough job market Click To Read More

Further Information:

Guardian Careers

24 November 2015

What Is A CV

What is a CV? Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a written summary of your work experience or career history (in chronological order), educational background, skills, interests, qualifications and would cover around 2 pages of A4 paper. You would normally send your CV potential employers in response to job opportunities and is designed so they can decide if they should call you for interview.

24 July 2014

How To Write A CV

Some very good advice here from the University Of Kent on a number of CV writing subjects including What information should a CV include, What makes a good CV and importantly Example CVs.

Probably the first CV was written by Leonardo Da Vinci 500 years ago. You can view it here. Since then things have moved slightly on, and now it's essential to have a well presented professional CV, but still many graduates get this wrong. The following page will give you all the tips to make an impressive CV Click To Read On

Further Information:

University of Kent Careers


25 June 2014

Is Your CV Selling You Properly

Over the years we have seen many CV’s that don’t really sell the candidate very well. Here is an interesting article that looks at this is some depth.

One of the topics often discussed by recruiters is the fact that the best candidates often have the worst CVs. While, at first, that sounds surprising it makes sense once you draw out the logic. Firstly, it’s important to note that in this instance, ‘worst’ doesn’t mean bad spelling or scattered structure. It means CVs that completely fail to communicate the quality of the candidate. Click To Read On

Further Information:

The Irish Times


7 May 2014

5 Reasons Why Employers Don’t Respond

Interesting piece here regarding why employers might not get back to you after the interview. Take a look and next time you have an interview see if you can reduce these reasons.

You researched the company you wanted to work for ahead of time. You were dressed in your snazziest interview outfit and showed up promptly and prepared. You answered every question brilliantly — even the strange job interview questions like, “If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?” (Thanks, Apple.) There’s absolutely no doubt in your mind that you nailed that job interview. So why haven’t you heard anything back?

Here are five reasons why employers don’t respond after a job interview — and what, if anything, you can do about it. Click To Read On

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4 April 2014

How To Write A CV

A very good video that details the main areas to consider when writing your CV. Basically it is saying that your CV should be clean, clear and relevant. It also makes some very good points including spelling which is one of the biggest contributors to CV rejection by employers. Spelling errors on your CV scream a lack of care. Also don’t put all your faith in a spell checker, get someone else to take a look at your CV before you send it.

Some sites on the web will try to persuade you that if you have a perfect CV it is your ticket to your dream job but unfortunately this is very misleading. The purpose of your CV is to get you the interview so keep it clean, clear and relevant to the job.

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19 March 2014

Careers tip: Creating the best CV

Here is another article that doesn’t really give too much away while still being accurate. The most important takeaway when writing your CV is “demonstrate why your skills and personality match their requirements”. This is so that the employer can easily match you to the job.

It is crucial to have a good CV and cover letter, as it is the first contact you will have with a prospective employer. Make sure they are specific to the company, and that you demonstrate why your skills and personality match their requirements. Click To Read On

More Information:

The Independent


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