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13 May 2013

Mistakes That Can Cost You an Interview

People are missing out because of CV mistakes.

“A survey from Adecco reports that over half of hiring managers (54%) said that they have not hired someone with weak resume. The candidates didn't even get interviews. They were out of consideration because of what was - or wasn't - on their resume.” Click To Read On

 Further Information:

1 May 2013

Over 65 & looking for work?

 It would seem you are never to old.

Mary Portas to front new Ch4 show about Britain’s first ever employment agency for the over 65s

The shopping and brand guru aims to tap into new business with overlooked and under-valued pensioners

Channel 4 will open the doors to Britain’s first ever employment agency for the over 65s in a brand new TV series fronted by Mary Portas. Click To Read On

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Daily Mirror

18 February 2013

Get to the job interview without leaving the house

Becoming popular with more & more employers is the “skype” interview. Now that the required technology can be found in most people’s homes be it a PC with Skype installed or face time on the iPad or iPhone it’s gradually making telephone interviews redundant. For employers it is a cost effective way of screening candidates, but be warned there are pitfalls that you should be aware of.

“The job interview is an ordeal that most people face at some stage in our career. But as video starts to take the place of the face-to-face interview, is it easier or harder now to land your dream job?” Click To Read On

Further Information:

How to Ace a Job Interview on Skype

The Pros and Cons of Video Job Interviews

7 February 2013

Self Employment Becoming More Popular In 2013

In the UK more and more people are considering self-employment as a solution to their job hunting efforts. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to self-employment however there is plenty of support out there to get you started.

Why become self-employed

There is encouragement from the government for people to become self-employed and at first it seems attractive, especially if you have recently become unemployed or redundant. Although one of the main attractions of becoming self-employed is no longer having to work for somebody else there are several disadvantages you should consider. These include not being certain of having a regular income, having to arrange your own sick pay and pension and probably having to work long hours. Click To Read On

Further Information:

Self-employment: checklist

Help with moving from benefits to work

Recession 'boosts self-employment'

Self-employed worker numbers soar in UK

10 January 2013

Would you go this far to land your dream job?

With today’s economic outlook and the competitive jobs market, graduates really have to work to get their foot in the door but is buying a poster for £500 the best way? You decide!

What would you do if you were down to your last £500, unemployed and staring a lifetime in the dole queue in the face? Stockpile baked beans and other non-perishables? Invest half in an ISA and feel financially savvy but really poor for a year? Or perhaps buy 500 scratchcards and hope for the best?

Don’t be daft. You’d rent a billboard, of course. That’s what Adam Pacitti has done. The 24-year-old, who graduated from Winchester University with a first-class degree in media production, can’t get a job. Or, more specifically, can’t get a job he actually wants. So he has spent the last £500 of his savings on a billboard in Shoreditch, a part of east London dubbed “Silicon Roundabout” by its many new-media denizens, and Old Street roundabout by everyone else. Click To Read On

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