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4 April 2014

How To Write A CV

A very good video that details the main areas to consider when writing your CV. Basically it is saying that your CV should be clean, clear and relevant. It also makes some very good points including spelling which is one of the biggest contributors to CV rejection by employers. Spelling errors on your CV scream a lack of care. Also don’t put all your faith in a spell checker, get someone else to take a look at your CV before you send it.

Some sites on the web will try to persuade you that if you have a perfect CV it is your ticket to your dream job but unfortunately this is very misleading. The purpose of your CV is to get you the interview so keep it clean, clear and relevant to the job.

Further information:


19 March 2014

Careers tip: Creating the best CV

Here is another article that doesn’t really give too much away while still being accurate. The most important takeaway when writing your CV is “demonstrate why your skills and personality match their requirements”. This is so that the employer can easily match you to the job.

It is crucial to have a good CV and cover letter, as it is the first contact you will have with a prospective employer. Make sure they are specific to the company, and that you demonstrate why your skills and personality match their requirements. Click To Read On

More Information:

The Independent


6 January 2014

Top 10 tips for updating your CV

Good but brief advice from the Gloucester Citizen newspaper. Start 2014 with an updated CV.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a new or more suited job? If you’re looking to embark on the career path you’ve had your eye on for some time, here are our top tips for updating your CV and make you the desired candidate for the job. Click To Read On

More Information:

Gloucester Citizen

20 November 2013

You and Your CV

Good information with regards to CV’s from the Huff Post.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) literally means the course of your life. A resume, as a CV is commonly called in the USA, means summary. Regardless of how you call it -- although internationally CV is the preferred title -- a CV highlights your professional experience and achievements. If you submit it with the mindset, "It's not much," you've already lost the game. And if you write your CV with that attitude --"damn this is boring!" or "I don't know what to say!" -- your lack of passion concerning the course of your own professional life will be reflected in it. You will successfully sell yourself as "boring." Congratulations! Click To Read On

Further Information:

Huffington Post

16 October 2013

Marina Shifrin 'I quit' video prompts job hunters

More than 100 people have inquired about the post left by a woman who quit her job by uploading a video of herself dancing to the Kanye West song "Gone", her ex-employer says. Click To Read On

Further information:

BBC News

11 October 2013

Writing the perfect CV takes time, effort and work

No one really likes to write their CV but if you do it well you will get invited to more interviews. Here is an interesting article from

With just under 8 per cent of the workforce over 16 struggling to find employment, recruitment expert Mark Braund has spoken to the Information Daily and outlined his ten key tips to help everyone improve their CV.

A CV is one of the most important documents anyone will write in their lifetime. It determines whether you get that aspirational job, secure that elusive interview, or neither.Click To Read On

Further information:

3 October 2013

CV Howlers: What NOT to Write on Your CV

It’s an incredible fact that most people believe that they know how to write a CV but according to a recent article in the Huffington Post they don’t.

Following a survey we have just done at we found that a staggering 98 per cent of job applicants are reducing their chances of success significantly through poor spelling, grammar or presentation on their CVs.

These errors have lead to a number of alarming disclosures, such as being "A director with a strong breath", or, perhaps fresh from watching Sweeney Todd, "Baker, working on ovens and customers". Click To Read On

Further information;

Huffington Post


30 September 2013

One of the biggest CV Writing mistakes

More research has shown that not tailoring your CV for the job application gives you less of a chance in the job hunting stakes.

Job hunters across the country are committing common CV mistakes and not spending enough time on their CVs which is costing them new roles, according to new research among careers advice experts.

Almost 80% of advisers from the National Careers Service said that the most common mistake people made was sending generic CVs to employers and two-thirds (66%) also said that this mistake was the one most likely to stop a candidate being put forward for an interview Click to read on

Further Information:

On Rec

10 September 2013

Tattoos and degrees fail to enhance job prospects

Some interesting information that may affect your chances of job success from the The Independent newspaper

Women with A levels and degrees were 40-50 per cent more likely than men to be underemployed

If you’re looking for a job, having a tattoo may prove a problem – and it seems a university degree might not be much help in finding full-time work either.

Two studies presented today at the British Sociological Association conference on work, employment and society revealed hiring managers feel visible tattoos give a negative impression of candidates and, more surprisingly, that having a university degree does not increase one’s chances of being fully employed. Women with qualifications are more likely to be under-employed, the survey found Click To Read On  

Further Information:

The Independent

22 July 2013

Monster goes mobile

With the continuing trend of people surfing the web using their mobile device, have now developed their mobile job hunting site. has launched a version of its new mobile website, designed for the growing number of candidates who use mobile devices to search and apply for jobs.

Recent research by Monster found almost half of candidates (48 per cent) use their mobile or tablet to research jobs and employers online, while around a third (30 per cent) have applied for jobs on their mobile device.

The new mobile-optimised website - provides a clear and simple user interface for candidates to search for jobs, upload and manage their CVs, save job searches and apply for roles directly from their mobile browser.  Click To Read On

Further Information:

ONrec - The Online Recruitment Resource

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